Why Hire a Car Crash Injury Lawyer?

Millions of people are involved in car accidents every year. While many are minor fender benders, others can be deadly. Car crash injuries are often the result of negligence by one or more drivers. When that happens, the injured victim deserves to be fully compensated for their losses. However, obtaining that compensation can be difficult without the assistance of a skilled car accident injury lawyer.

A seasoned attorney can handle a variety of tasks related to the case, including gathering and organizing evidence, filing paperwork, writing settlement demands letters, and dealing with insurance companies on behalf of clients. In addition, a reputable lawyer can help clients understand their legal rights and options.

In New York, the first place to look for compensation following a car accident is your own auto insurance provider, thanks to state laws requiring that all motorists carry uninsured motorist coverage (UM). But the insurance company won’t be eager to write you a check, and they’ll work hard to find reasons to deny or minimize your claim. If you don’t fight back, these tactics can keep you from getting the money that you deserve.

An experienced Car crash injury lawyer will know what your damages are worth and how much time, energy, and money the accident has cost you. They can take the guesswork out of calculating your total costs, which may include medical bills and treatment plans, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other financial and personal losses.

A qualified lawyer can also assist with other issues related to your car accident, such as navigating liens and lien holders. If you are receiving benefits from a health, disability, or workers’ compensation insurer as the result of your injuries, those insurers will have a lien on your claim. In some cases, the lien holder will receive payments before you do, and they will be entitled to a percentage of any settlement or judgment awarded to you.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company is not likely to be sympathetic to your situation, either. Insurance adjusters are trained to question and diminish the severity of your injuries in order to reduce how much they owe you. A skilled lawyer will be ready to challenge these claims and expose the truth to the adjusters.

In addition, a reputable lawyer will be familiar with the time limits that apply to filing a lawsuit against an at-fault driver, known as statutes of limitations. Failure to file a lawsuit within the required time limit will bar your right to recover damages from the negligent party. A knowledgeable attorney can explain these time limits and help you get your case started. They can also conduct a thorough investigation and find the strongest possible evidence to support your case in court.