How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Move

Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process that can be extremely expensive. But with some planning and careful consideration, you can avoid the pitfalls of a move.

The cost of a move depends on many factors, including the time of year you move and the size of your home. If you can, try to avoid the spring or summer months, as these times typically have higher moving rates.

Getting a quote is also important to help you budget your move. To get an accurate estimate, you need to take an inventory of all the items in your house (and any in storage).

Keep a moving checklist

Once you’ve made your budget and decided which services Moving  you will be paying for, start making a list of the things you need to do before the move. This will help you stay organized and ensure that the whole family isn’t spending hours on unrelated tasks during the move.

Use colored tape to label boxes

Rather than relying on movers to guess which room each box is for, use a color-coded system. Print out multi-colored packing labels and stick them on the boxes before they’re packed. This will save you and your movers a lot of time by making sure that the boxes are clearly labeled.

Keep a journal of each numbered box

If you have a lot of small items that you need to sort through, consider keeping a small journal that lists the contents of each numbered box. This will help you identify any items that need special care or are fragile.

Packing your belongings properly is an essential part of a move, as it reduces the chance of damage to your belongings. Make sure that you don’t overpack your boxes, and if necessary, wrap the contents in extra towels or linens before they are placed in the truck or the moving van.

Prepare an overnight bag for each person in the household – Before your move, pack each member of the family an overnight bag with toiletries, clothing and other necessary items. This will allow them to have a comfortable trip and give you peace of mind during the day of the move.

Enlist the aid of friends and family – If you aren’t able to hire professional movers, it’s worth asking family members or close friends for assistance with the move. However, you need to provide ample notice and ensure that they are able to lift heavy objects.

Do your research and find the best price for your move – The cost of a move is based on several factors, including the time of year you move, the size of your house and whether it is a long-distance move or a local one. If you can, move in the middle of the week when moving companies have more movers available and their rates are usually lower.

Avoid moving on holidays – The cost of moving over the holidays is significantly higher than the average, so it’s best to avoid this.